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What is video marketing? Why should you use video marketing services?

November 15, 20224 min read

What is video marketing? Why should you use video marketing services?

According to Insider Intelligence, there will be over 205 million smartphone video viewers in the US by the end of 2022. This tells us that if we combine video marketing, strategy, digital marketing, and branding you can get your brand's message in front of millions of new viewers every month.

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Why use video to market your business?

A video is a powerful tool that can help businesses achieve a variety of objectives, including growth, outreach, brand awareness, lead generation, and sales conversion. When used effectively, video can help businesses connect with their target audiences in a more engaging and effective way than other marketing channels. Additionally, video provides businesses with an opportunity to showcase their products or services in a way that is difficult to replicate with other mediums. According to Lemonlight, 99% of responders to their survey say they enjoy watching branded video content. Knowing this, we can say that using video to market your business can be a highly effective way to achieve your marketing goals.

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Are you telling your story in a way that your potential customers want to be reached?

Are you telling your story in a way that your potential customers want to be reached? It's important to consider your audience when crafting your digital marketing strategy. Who are you targeting? What are their social media habits? What interests and hobbies do they have? By understanding your target audience, you can better tailor your message and ensure that you're using the most effective channels to reach them.

Video Marketing Ohio

Most consumers confirm that they watch multiple videos at least once per week, on multiple platforms––shouldn’t those videos be yours?

Most consumers confirm that they watch multiple videos at least once per week, on multiple platforms. That means there's a lot of potential for your business to be seen by new people if you're creating quality video content. Posting videos on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn can help increase brand awareness and growth. When you work with a video marketing agency, the content that is being created for your business should be posted on all available social media platforms. You never know which site is going to yield the highest growth for you and your business.

Video Marketing Ohio

Who Should Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes to reach new audiences and target potential customers. When used correctly, video can help to heighten conversion rates and boost sales. Additionally, video can be a great way to connect with social media followers and create a connection with potential new customers. How? Well, when you combine the technology behind social media like Tik Tok and Facebook with video, you deliver powerful targeted advertising to the right clients. Even better, when you place video on your website, you are increasing your SEO and heightening your sales conversion. If you are a business owner who wants to dominate your industry, you need to utilize a full service video agency to run successful advertising campaigns.

Would you like to increase your website conversion rates, improve your sales funnel, and enhance your brand's recognition?

Compelling video on a landing page has been known to increase the landing page's conversion rate by at least 80%. This is why at Apex Creatives, we create comprehensive strategy packages that utilize video for each step of the customer's journey. The Brand Message Video, or BMV, details how YOU the business owner solves the problem of your customer. This video is vital for increasing sales conversion and can be shot using high end video production or animation. The second video we create is called the Customer's Journey, where we create a case study video that backs up the claims made in the BMV. Finally, we create an ad campaign with the goal of bringing new traffic onto your landing page. It is here that we maximize sales conversion using the BMV and Customer's Journey. Even leads generated through various search engines will be converted through our use of marketing efforts. We then continue to increase awareness and engagement with social media marketing and management.

Looking for high-quality, video production in Ohio?

Apex Creatives is a video production company as well as a full service digital marketing agency, we pride ourselves on creating high quality content and delivering results. We operate in the Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus, Ohio areas but are open to travel to provide video production services, effective digital marketing, and video advertising.

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